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Pain-Free Movement Made Simple

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25+ Units

from principles to workouts

Gradual Progression

practices and principles applied to all levels

Lifestyle Changes

Change how you live in your body

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Feeling great in your physical body is your birthright. Nature designed our physical systems to be incredibly and intricately efficient, self-healing, and organized for pain-free movement... yet SO many people (including those who are 'fit' and exercise regularly) experience aches, pains, stiffness, and poor biomechanical patterns.

What went wrong?

Our modern lifestyles, as convenient and comfortable as they are, have moved our bodies out of their natural states. As a result, our tissues get locked up and calcified, our movement stiffens, our fascia dehydrates, and we experience pain, stiffness, and just plain bad movement.

What's even worse is that most training programs including weightlifting, yoga, and other popular 'fitness industry solutions' don't address the biomechanical roots of our pains and dysfunctions. They're marketed as something helpful, but often lead to more injuries, discomfort, and long-term problems because they don't address the root causes.

The good news is: 
There is a way to restore our bodies to their natural, supple states.

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a comprehensive look at biomechanics, behaviours, and practices/techniques for you to feel amazing in your body, no matter what your level of athleticism (or lack thereof) happens to be

How to fix your standing posture to be pain-free and structurally supportive

The proper biomechanics of walking and running

Learn about how your body is meant to move in an easy-to-understand way, taking complex ideas and making them simple to understand

How to fix your daily habits so that your posture IMPROVES instead of hunches over time

Workouts and movement flows that enhance your suppleness, mechanics, and musculature

How to use self myofascial release in both basic and advanced applications to address pain and issues in the body

Practices to free up your spine and free you from chronic back, hip, and knee pain

Change the way you live in your body

Learn the principles of how your body was naturally designed for pain-free movement, then reclaim that feeling of relaxed ease

Curriculum by chiropractor Dr. William Rajbar and 10+ year personal trainer Anthony Manuele

Step-by-step instruction on understanding why and how your body experiences dysfunction... and how to reverse it

Both written and video content covering both in-depth (but easily understandable) concepts, with visual demonstrations of practical application

Workouts and myofascial release exercises to build your own custom routine with to stay supple, fluid, and pain-free

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Learn - Feel - Transform

Learn the 'why' behind all the methods

Feel the difference in the cues and exercises

Transform how you look and feel in your body



Not only an overview of the course - Anthony shares the lessons he acquired from years as a coach on how to learn and integrate the information more effectively instead of passively absorbing and forgetting the information that you take in


Principles of Posture

Learn the easiest, low-hanging fruit modifications to create length in your spine, relaxation through your shoulders, ease through your hips, and a great tall posture that communicates confidence and functionality


Foundations of Locomotion

Learn the most important human movements, and understand how the human body was meant to move through space- fluid, easy, and balanced!


Workouts, MFR, and Lifestyle Change

The multi-layered approach to changing how you live and FEEL in your body- integrated movement practice workouts with daily behaviour changes to transform how you look and move.

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Our product is best in class and we stand behind its quality. This course includes:

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Growing Library of Workouts

eBook Grade Written Material

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25+ Lesson Sections (with more coming soon)

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You help us shape this course.

This is the first iteration of The Art of Move Foundations Course, crafted through years of professional practice, refined from hundreds of hours of discussion and in-depth podcasts, and finally, packed for YOU.

Early adopters not only get the lowest price this course will ever be, but will have lifetime access to all the upgrades, additionally updated workouts, and new information as we get it.

We don't want to stop there though...

If there are specific questions that our users have about the application of this course, then we'll be personally collecting requests for add-ons to the course material in the future.

You buy it once, and you get our best stuff for a lifetime, and are never charged for the updates (even if we decide to increase the price of the course)

We want to make sure that everyone takes this course gets 110% of what they were expecting from it... so if you feel we're missing something, you can almost be sure that we'll take that feedback, and add it down the line.

Thank you for trusting us to



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